Farmer Level and Stolen $cMILK

Watch out for those cats!

In addition to cats stealing your $cMILK due to negligence, they can also steal your goods by getting there before you. Each time you go to claim $cMILK, a cat that is staked will be chosen to attempt to steal your $cMILK.

To reduce the chance of having your $cMILK stolen, you can increase your Farmer Level by burning $kGOLD.

The formula for whether $cMILK is stolen is as follows:

20 + (Cat Level - Farmer Level) = % chance of stolen $cMILK


You are a level 10 Farmer and a level 5 cat is selected to steal.

20 + (5 - 10) = 15% chance of having $cMILK stolen

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