The Burn Pit

Rewards for burnooors.

After some time, King Pyro decided that he was simply too busy to satisfy his need to burn things himself. He needed a way to incentivize the people of his kingdom to add things to The Burn Pit so he could continue to enjoy its hot glow.

King Pyro announced a reward program for all Cheesyverse citizens that would pay them in King's Gold ($kGOLD) for adding to the fire as follows:

  • 6 $cMILK = 0.5 $kGOLD

  • 1 $BURR = 1 $kGOLD

  • 1 $DOLCE = 3 $kGOLD

  • 1 $PARM = 10 $kGOLD

  • $RATS = ? $kGOLD

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