Farming Introduction

Produce that sweet, sweet $cMILK.

All things in the Cheesyverse begin with white gold, cow's milk ($cMILK).

In the Farm, you can stake up to 2 Cows and earn $cMILK daily as follows:

  • 1 Cow = 60 $cMILK per day

  • 2 Cows = 120 $cMILK per day

After your cow(s) have been staking for 24 hours, your $cMILK will be available to claim.

If $cMILK is not claimed within 12 hours after becoming available, it will be stolen by a cat.

You must click the "claim" button to start your cows producing $cMILK again whether or not the time limit has passed and your $cMILK has been stolen.

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